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Huachang Group as the all aluminum application service provider, the group offers professional services that include research and development, designs, production, sales and technical support. The group has strong strength: it covers an area of more than 800,000 square meters, employs over 3,800 peoples, including more than 500 senior engineers and technicians, and has an annual production capacity of around 500,000 tons. The group has two production bases in Guangdong and Jiangsu and seven branches which are Guangdong Huachang, Jiangsu Huachang, Hong Kong Huachang, Australia Huachang, Germany Huachang, VASAIT Aluminum Industry, and Gramsco Accessories. JIangsu Huachang aluminium factory Co., Ltd. is trying to optimize the regional layout, build a global marketing network, and expand the market to achieve the production growing.

  • 800000㎡

    production bases

  • 500000T

    Annual production capacity

  • 2500

    Monthly production capacity of kit mould

  • 1500㎡

    Mould Workshop


Jiangsu Huachang Aluminium Factory Co., Ltd. adheres to a strict quality management system.According to the domestic and international standards, the group formulates and implements more stringent internal control standards. The company has passed the GB/T 19001 (ISO 9001) quality management system, GB/T 24001 (ISO 14001) environmental management system, ISO 50001 and RB/T 117 energy management system, GB/T 45001 (ISO 45001) occupational health and safety management system, IATF 16949 automotive management system, ISO/IEC 17025 national laboratory accreditation, good behavior of standardization, adoption of international standard products, green / low-carbon / energy-saving products and other certifications. In accordance with the quality management of high value and intelligent manufacturing, Jiangsu Huachang Aluminium Factory Co., Ltd. continuously improves work efficiency and business efficiency.

The group’s product line covers all aspects of the supply chain and is committed to provide the most valuable aluminum solutions to customers around the world. At present, the company focuses on building a new aluminum profile industry cluster and improving the industrial organization structure. Huachang Group has four brands: the top ten aluminum profile brands in China – Wacang Aluminum, the high quality doors and windows system brand – Wacang , the top ten preferred brands of doors and windows – VASAIT, and the professional hardware accessories brand – Genco After nearly 30 years of the market layout, the group’s products are sold in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places are well-known. Huachang Group is the leading enterprise of the aluminum profiles industry in China, vice president unit of China Construction Metal Structure Association, vice president unit of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, vice president unit of Guangdong Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, and president unit of Aluminum Profiles Industry Association of Nanhai District, Foshan City. Huachang Group is the national high-tech enterprise and owns China’s top ten construction aluminum product brand. Its export volume ranks first in the self export category of the industry.


The reputation of Huachang Group are gradually well know. In 2015, the group launched a comprehensive cooperation with Jet Li One Foundation and called on stars and the public to participate in charity activities. The event was known as the Public Welfare Star in the aluminum industry. In 2016, Wacang Aluminum became the designated partner of CCTV Dialogue Column to carry out in-depth exchanges and serve the industry with its brand awareness. In 2018, Huachang Group sponsored the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway trains, which was a pioneer in the industry. The group advocates the public to use energy-saving door and window products and leads the industry into high-speed development with national quality. From 2019 to 2020, Huachang Group was selected as the China Brand Strategic Partner and became the only enterprise in the industry was selected. Huachang Group Is leading the industry with comprehensive brand strength.
Huachang group looks at the world and looks to the future. With the company spirits of honesty, efficiency, pragmatism and enterprising, the group insists on providing high-quality products and professional technical services, and commits to make hundreds of millions of families around the world enjoy quality life!


After 20 years of efforts in the market, Wacang has undergone tremendous changes in terms of production scale and standards, or process technology, product matching and innovation. Its development history is the epitome of the aluminum industry from China to the world. It is also a representative of a new generation of modern aluminum industry.

  • -2020-

    ·Won the "Preferred Supplier of China's Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises".

  • -2019-

    ·Wacang Aluminum "China Brand Strategic Partner" and CCTV Strategic Cooperation Launch.

    ·Establishment of German branch.

    ·Wacang passed five-star brand and five-star after-sales service certification.

    ·Wacang won the "Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award".

    ·The industry's self-operated export volume ranks first in the country.

    ·Officially passed IATF16949: 2016 automotive quality management system certification.

  • -2018-

    ·Wacang was awarded the "Top Ten Construction Aluminum Products in China"

    ·Wacang won the "Nanhai District Government Quality Award" and "First-line Team Award"

  • -2017-

    ·Wacang won the highest charity award "China Charity Annual Practice Award"

    ·Wacang was awarded the "First Batch of National Green Factory"

  • -2016-

    ·Topped the CCTV "News Broadcast" on June 5.

  • -2015-

    ·Top of Wacang Building.

  • -2014-

    ·Expansion of Jiangsu branch; the company's products won the "Golden Cup Award for Physical Quality of Non-ferrous Metal Products".

  • -2013-

    ·Selected as "Top Ten Key Enterprises in the Demonstration Zone for the Establishment of Famous Brands in the Aluminum Profile Industry in China"; Wacang Innovation Center was put into use; Curtain Wall, Door and Window Processing Center was built and put into use; The industry's first "Fully Automatic Three-dimensional Finished Product Warehouse" was built and put into use.

  • -2012-

    ·Dali Changhongling new factory was fully completed and put into use; won the "China Top 20 Construction Aluminum Materials".

  • -2011-

    ·Wacang Headquarters Building has started construction.

  • -2010-

    ·Established Hong Kong branch and merged Shandong branch into Jiangsu branch.

  • -2009-

    ·Passed the recognition of "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center".

  • -2008-

    ·Jiangsu branch was completed and put into production.

  • -2007-

    ·Established Jiangsu branch; won the title of "China Famous Brand" and "China Famous Brand".

  • -2006-

    ·Obtained "United Nations Registered Supplier" qualification and passed ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification.

  • -2005-

    ·Tax payment exceeded 10 million yuan for the first time; Shandong branch was established.

  • -2004-

    ·Won the title of "Famous Brand of Guangdong Province" and "Famous Brand Product of Guangdong Province".

  • -2003-

    ·Won the title of the first batch of "National Inspection-free Products" in the industry, the company established a mold manufacturing workshop and a technical department.

  • -2002-

    ·Passed the Norwegian DNV quality management system certification and obtained the "International Standard Product Mark Certificate".

  • -2001-

    ·Increase insulation profile production line.

  • -2000-

    ·Established an Australian branch and added spraying production lines.

  • -1999-

    ·Increase the electrophoresis production line; obtain the qualification of "Designated Manufacturing Enterprise for Building Aluminum Door and Window Profiles".

  • -1998-

    ·Passed ISO9002 quality management system and product quality certification.

  • -1997-

    ·The trademark "WACANG" was successfully registered

  • -1996-

    ·Increase oxidation production line and power generation workshop.

  • -1995-

    ·The production site was moved from Industrial Avenue in Dali Town to Shuitou Industrial Zone.

  • -1992-

    ·Formally established Wacang Aluminum.

  • -1984-

    ·Mr. Pan Weishen fully took over, extending from metal casting to metal smelting, gradually expanding operations.

  • -1979-

    ·At the beginning of the reform, Mr. Pan Bingqian dared to be the first to establish a hardware foundry.

  • Philosophy

    Create a global brand, build a century of Wacang

  • Mission

    Provide customers with the best value aluminum solutions

  • Vision

    Become the leading role in China's aluminum profile industry

  • Core Values

    Sincere, efficient, pragmatic and enterprising

  • Quality Objectives

    1). Ex-factory pass rate in sampling inspection 100%
    2). Customer satisfaction rate ≥90%
    3). Complaint handling rate 100%

  • Spirit

    Execution is combat effectiveness, cohesion is vitality

  • Service Idea

    Active service and communication attentively

  • Talent Philosophy

    Respect people, cultivate people, and achieve people

  • Quality Policy

    Perfect management system, meticulous attention to quality, continuous improvement, to meet customer requirements

  • Management Idea

    Efficiency, effect, benefit

  • Brand Idea

    Create first-class products, build Weichang brand

  • Business Philosophy

    Survive by quality, develop with credibility, and lead the industry with technology and service